Physical fitness is one of the key components to a healthy, and fulfilling life. Sadly, it is not unusual for our schedules to keep us from exercising. Add to that the fact that meditating is also recommended for a happy life. Now you have a handful of things that you need, but have no time for.

This is where yoga comes in. If you do not practice yoga, let go of all the cheesy and lame interpretations that the media uses to portray yoga. This exercise is one of the most complete on earth, and it can easily be done from the comfort of your home.

Yoga can help make you stronger, fitter and more flexible. It is also a great time to meditate as most of what you do in yoga is focused on relaxation. Controlling your breath, and clearing your mind. Exercise and meditation, all in one.

What you need to do yoga


All you require to do yoga, is a place to do it, clothes to do it, and a desire to do so. You could also get a mat, but it really is not required.

To get started you want guidance. And you can easily find it on YouTube, or on Amazon (there is a bunch of affordable series.) It really is a form of exercise that falls entirely on you.

How to do yoga

When I first got started I was as stiff as a log. I was way too shy to go into a real yoga studio and say I wanted to do it. I went on YouTube, learnt a couple of basic routines, and started doing them right before bed each night. My sleep has never been better.

For you to get stared, you need the desire. A desire to change your life, to improve yourself, and to care for your body.

[image of yogis]

Yoga takes dedication and time, but it is an effort well worth the sweat. The ability to get physically fit, as I meditate is a game changer. Which can easily be done on a budget from the comfort of your home.

Awesome, huh?

(Here’s a couple of YouTube videos to help get you started.)