The green tea lifestyle is one of introspection and self-realization. Very few techniques on earth are as helpful in this endeavor as meditation. Properly done, meditation will let you access the deepest areas of your mind.

Western culture typically portrays meditation as something only the enlightened can do. Truth is, though, they achieved that enlightenment through meditation. I’m not going to lie to you and tell you if you start now your mind will be elevated tomorrow. It takes time. The cool thing is though, anyone who puts in the effort can do it.

How meditation works

Meditation is a simple exercise to help relax the body and mind. It can help you reduce your anxiety, stress, and a variety of negative effects of everyday life. Meditating can also help you clear your mind and thought process. Making it possible for you to guide yourself through life in the way you want to.

Whenever you have doubts, or slumps in your life, meditating is the first step to getting better. If you have a plan for your work, your life, or your hobbies, but can’t quite piece it together, meditation is the key.

Meditation does not mean to go to the mountains for a month to “find yourself.” In fact, the best meditation happens at home. Where you are most calm and comfortable.

How to meditate

With the constant bombardment of information we get daily, it is sometimes hard to separate from it. Meditating is a simple process, but one that is hard to master. You need to be in a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed. You need a set amount of time. 5 minutes will do, but 30 is recommended.

Once you have found your comfortable spot, and set aside your five minutes, you need to block out all the outside noise. With music. (Here is a YouTube playlist with music I personally use.) It is recommended you sit down with your legs crossed. It is possible to meditate lying down, but this might cause you to fall asleep and take away the benefit of mediation.

Once you have everything ready you want to close your eyes. Then you want to breath in as deeply as you can, and exhale slowly. Focusing on nothing but your breath. The sound it makes, the act of breathing in, and the consequent act of breathing out.

As you do this, you need to maintain focus on your breathing. Once you have zeroed in on it, you can begin to think and focus on the things that everyday noise keeps you from paying attention to.

Ask your mind questions, ask for guidance, ask for calm and peace. Do this daily, and you will find yourself with a clear and sharp mind.